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Genre Alert: Forthcoming Historical Fiction (2017)

  • "What is Historical Fiction? These are novels set in the past, before the author's lifetime or experience. Through its serious respect for historical accuracy and details of time, place, and character, historical fiction enhances a reader's knowledge of past events, lives, and customs. The goal of historical fiction is to bring history to life in novel form." Source: NoveList Genre Outline - "Getting Up to Speed in Historical Fiction" by Joyce Saricks; updated by Sarah S. Davis (Jul 2016)  
I enjoy historical fiction and while stories set in ancient times are my favorites, the history major in me is easily drawn to any time period. If you are a fan of this genre and interested in learning about new titles coming in 2017, I have a great readers advisory tip for you.

Check out this great Forthcoming Historical Novels for 2017 list compiled by Sarah Johnson and Sarah Cuthbertson for the Historical Novel Society blog (an excellent source for reviews in this genre!). 
  • HNS's "Defining the Genre" article says "To be deemed historical (in our sense), a novel must have been written at least fifty years after the events described, or have been written by someone who was not alive at the time of those events (who therefore approaches them only by research)."

will be able to indulge my fondness for ancient history quite easily in 2017 as a majority of the titles below can attest; take a look at their one-sentence descriptions on the linked list to see what I mean. Although ... thanks to Sarah and Sarah, you can learn about forthcoming novels from any time period including many that cross over into genres such as mystery and romance. The list also includes upcoming titles from established series. 

The following titles have been added to my personal "must check into these" reading schedule. Looks like I will have at least two (sometimes more) historical fiction books to occupy myself with for the next few months. :-)

Emily Hauser, For the Most Beautiful
Nancy Peacock, The Life and Times of Persimmon Wilson

Paul Auster, 4 3 2 1
Charlie Lovett, The Lost Book of the Grail
​David Osborne, The Coming

Margaret George, The Confessions of Young Nero​ 

​Greer MacAllister, Girl in Disguise
​David Vann, Bright Air Black

Emily Holleman, The Drowning King
​Crystal King, Feast of Sorrow

Alyssa Palombo, The Most Beautiful Woman in Florence

Claire Cameron, The Last Neanderthal
​Natalie Haynes, The Children of Jocasta 
​Sarah Shoemaker, Mr. Rochester
​Dana Stabenow, Silk and Song
​Colm Tóibín, House of Names
​Melodie Winawer, The Scribe of Siena

Michael Crichton, Dragon Teeth
Leonard Goldberg, The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes 

Emily Hauser, For the Winner
Ian Mortimer, The Outcasts of Time

Ashley Hay, The Body in the Clouds
Andrew Wilson, A Talent for Murder

​Linnea Hartsuyker, The Half-Drowned King
​Katherine Nouri Hughes, The Mapmaker’s Daughter

Robert Downes, Windigo Moon
Hannah Kent, The Good People 

They keep updating the list so I will be visiting the link again but as for now ... I may have just laid out a portion of my reading challenge for 2017! 

Thanks again, Sarah and Sarah. :-)​

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