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The Readers' Advisory Training (RAT) Program is going through a transition and regular meetings have ceased for the interim. Please check back for updates ...

The RAT program which ran from 2001 through January 2015, employed a combined book discussion/book talks format in which participants read two titles per genre learning about others through the book talks. The meetings were held monthly on the last Wednesday of each month, except in December, at varying locations throughout the district. 

Rounds 3 - 5 had training sessions on various topics every fifth meeting, including expert speakers brought in from outside. The final meeting of each round was an evaluation of the entire program and open to comments, critique, and suggestions from all SCCCLD staff whether they were active participants or not. Changes were made to the next Round based on ideas generated during the evaluation, allowing the program to develop and meet the evolving needs of the staff.

The Round 5 schedule is available as a GoogleDoc at:

The Round 4 schedule, with resource links, is available as a GoogleDoc at: 
RA Training: Staff Genre Study / Book Discussion Program - Round 4


Rounds 1 - 3 Coming Soon ...

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