Monday, February 9, 2015

'Explore a New Genre' Pinterest Board

If you haven't already seen it, check out the new genre board being posted by staff at St. Charles City-County Library District (MO) on Pinterest.

Each month a board will be posted exploring a new genre with five (5) titles added each Monday; 20 titles in all to choose from, read, and enjoy! For February the titles are, of course, all about Romance and there are ten (10) great romances on the 'Explore a Genre: Romance' board as of today with more to come throughout the month! Another board for a different genre will be posted in March - providing an interesting way to discover new titles all month long!

These Pinterest boards are inspired by an idea in The Romance Readers' Advisory: the Librarian's Guide to Romance in the Stacks by Ann Bouricius (2000). In her book, the author proposes a 'Five Book Challenge' as a method for learning about any new genre. She suggests reading five (5) titles a year in a genre as great way gain a closer understanding of what the genre about and why reader's enjoy it.

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