Saturday, September 6, 2014

SCCCLD Book Challenge

Are you interested in posting to the SCCCLD Book Challenge blog but never know exactly what to say about the title you've read? 

The guys from UNSHELVED (an online, subscription e-comic about life in a public library...) use an interesting format for their Friday postings. Click on the following link to see the format they use to review books for the weekly 

From the examples in the link above, your annotation / review format might consist of the following elements:

----------     ----------

Subject line format (recommended for SCCCLD Book Challenge blog):
Title / Author / Page # / (Challenge/Bonus - if applicable)

Plot description (2-3 sentences; could also include a cover graphic - if available)

Why I picked it up:

Why I finished it:

It's perfect for: (Telling who you might suggest the title to and why you think they would enjoy it.)

Readalikes: (Optional - but useful if you have one or more titles to suggest and why they could be appropriate readalikes)
@bookblrb:  (Optional - a 110-120 character plot summary; great to use as a tweet!)

----------     ----------

Another format you could use is the PRES technique mentioned in the October 29, 2013 post and explained on this blog under the Resources tab.

If you're interested in participating in the staff reading challenge blog, contact Laura Pirondi at Spencer.

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