Tuesday, September 16, 2014

HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY - Tales from the RAT Queen!

On Monday, September 16, 2013, Tales from the RAT Queen opened with it's first post welcoming all SCCCLD staff to Round 5 of the district's RA Training program. The Readers' Advisory Training (RAT) Program post introduced the blog and talked about the great staff training workshop in August which kicked off the current round -- a program presented by none other than Duncan Smith of NoveList!

The Round 5 genre study then began with participants reading 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill in preparation for a Horror book discussion to be held at the end of September. The blog continued on from there with new material being posted for each new genre session, allowing staff to expand their knowledge of books and learn new ways to assist customers with readers' advisory queries.

To celebrate the first anniversary of the blog, I invite all staff to 'talk' about what title they are currently reading, viewing, or listening to and why they selected it. Use the Comments link below to share your title and join in the fun by expanding our readers' advisory training experience!


  1. I'll start this off ... I am currently listening to the CD audiobook FOOL MOON by Jim Butcher, read by James Marsters. This is the 2nd book in the 'Dresden Files' series and although I am a big fan of Harry Dresden, I had never read it! This is despite having read the 1st title, STORM FRONT, many, many years ago and having read books 12-17 in this same series within the last 2 years!

    In August, I listened to STORM FRONT (again) during a long drive to visit family and thoroughly enjoyed it; even blogged about the experience for our SCCCLD Book Challenge. I decided it was time to catch up on all of Mr. Butcher's early Dresden Files titles and what better way than to listen to them!

  2. I'm reading Meridian, by Alice Walker. I checked out a 3-book ebook bundle from OverDrive. It started with The Color Purple, then The Temple of my Familiar, and now am near finishing up with Meridian. Though provoking author!

  3. I'm reading "Storm Front" by Jim Butcher. A friend of mine told me years ago that this is his favorite author and series; so it's been on my "to read" list for a long time. Since Lucy, just blogged about it; it reminded me that I still needed to read it. :) I had just finished "The Valley of Amazement" by Amy Tan, which was full of rich descriptions and details about China from 1905 through the 30's; but the story was full of pain and heartbreak.


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