Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Let the Dead Sleep / Heather Graham / 331 Pages / Horror

Heather Graham begins a new series named McCafferty and Quinn set in post Katrina New Orleans.

Danni McCafferty didn't know her recently deceased father was actively involved in the fight to keep the underworld of crime and evil from overtaking their businesses and way of life in New Orleans. Danni teams up with Michael Quinn, a  former super jock and associate of her father to fight an evil spirit awakened from a de Medici tomb. Graham delivers a tame story rather than a thriller but readers will want to see where Danni and Michael go next in their budding romance.

Heather Graham brings together the elements of romance, the paranormal/occult and Southern life . Other similar works include: Blue Dahlia (In the Garden), by Nora Roberts and  Fat Tuesday by Sandra Dallas. 

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