Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Breed / Chase Novak / 310 Pages / Horror

http://catalog.youranswerplace.org/NewCopyListing.aspx?QS0=&QS1=3&QS2=breed&QS3=1&QS4=1&QS5=1&QS6=1&QS7=0&QS8=9999&QS9=0&QS10=99&QS11=2862409&QS12=1&QS13=1&QS14=855841&QS15=9780316198561 Breed, by Chase Novak, is a darkly disturbing, cautionary tale about infertility and the horrifying consequences of continued genetic engineering in man's never-ending quest to outwit Mother Nature.

When they have exhausted all possible treatments in the U.S., Leslie and Alex Twisden journey to Slovenia to visit a mysterious doctor who has achieved startling success for other couples in their infertility support group - although many who undergo his treatments suffer an unspeakable side-effect; the desire to eat their children!

Breed will appeal to those who like creepy, intricately plotted horror stories and possibly also to those who enjoy mystery and suspense. Similar works include: The Literary Werewolf: an anthology and The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice.

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