Friday, October 7, 2016

Four4U: Creepy-Crawly Horror

Spiders, and bedbugs, and ants, and ... microscopic alien parasites! OH MY!!!!

As it's October and we are heading towards Halloween, I felt a #44U list of HORROR titles might be fun. Although ... I went in a decidedly 'buggy' direction with four titles (two released this year) that are not only scary but will, quite possibly, cause an eerie itchy sensation. :-)

This creepy-crawly theme offers a broad spectrum of Horror sub-genres: from ancient evil, to genetic engineering, to psychological suspense, and finally science fiction. For insectophobics, these are the stuff of nightmares!

The Hatching by Ezekiel Boone (2016) - "A series of bizarre manifestations around the world, from a human-eating black mass in the Peru jungle and a baffling plane crash in America to unusual seismic patterns in Kanpur and a nuclear accident in China, lead to the discovery of the emergence of an ancient dormant species." (NoveList)

Invasive by Chuck Wendig (2016) - An FBI investigation into a possible terrorist attack by what appear to be genetically engineered ants leads to a billionaire philanthropist, an isolated island laboratory, scientists who resent the implication their work may be responsible, and the release of a highly aggressive bioweapon. 

Bedbugs by Ben H. Winters (2011) - A young couple are ecstatic when they find their 'dream' apartment in New York City ... until the wife starts waking up each morning with small bites on her body and is convinced the apartment is crawling with bedbugs despite the fact no one else has been bitten. 

Infected by Scott Siegler (2008) - While the CIA and CDC race to stop the spread of a mysterious parasitic disease turning people into raving, paranoid murderers, a former football player 'confronts' the infection and discovers the  triangular growths just beneath his skin want something more from him.

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