Friday, September 2, 2016

Four4U: Forthcoming London Mysteries

It's Friday and as I was checking order carts and reserve ratios this week, I noticed an interesting connecting thread among several titles coming out in October, generating the idea for today's #44U list. 

All four titles are mysteries set in London: two center around real historical figures (a detective and a writer & his detective), one offers a spin on a famous British detective, and last but far from least, is a collection of short stories about an infamous London murderer.


By Gaslight by Steven Price - William Pinkerton, son of Allan Pinkerton founder of the famed US detective agency, comes to London to unravel his father's only unsolved case

Edgar Allan Poe and the London Monster by Karen Lee Street - a debut novel where reality and fiction mix. Writer and poet, Edgar Allan Poe travels to London to ask his friend, the famed detective C. August Dupin, to solve a family mystery

A Study in Scarlet Women by Sherry Thomas - first in new 'Lady Sherlock' series. Charlotte Holmes, dissatisfied with her lot as a female in Victorian era London, deliberately makes herself a social pariah in order to pursue a calling as a detective, taking on the name of Sherlock Holmes

The Big Book of Jack the Ripper Stories edited by Otto Penzler - a massive collection of new and well-known tales dealing with the real-life London serial killer, whose identity continues to be a enigma as well as an inspiration to mystery writers.

Twitter hashtag: #44U or #4-4-U 

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