Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fool's Day Online

A number of sites are participating in April Fool's Day fun, check out:

ShelfAwareness with a number of fun & foolish 'news' articles's front page with fun oldies but goodies, in multiple categories:

Special Libraries Association which has an Iconic rock band coming together to play at the SLA 2015 Annual Conference

redbox, advertising a 'new' service: Petbox "Does your pet have a movie request?"

What 'foolery' have you come across today?


  1. Can't wait to see what other April Fool's Day nonsense is happening in the world. :-)

  2. The Des Plaines Public Library (IL) has a new member in their Youth Services department:

  3. From the folks who bring you the 'Clean Reader App': ... consider the 'Dirty Word App':
    Too bad it's only an April Fool's Day joke because I'm sure there a plenty of folks who'd love to apply it to whatever book they are reading. :-)

  4. Today, April 1st, the Swiss Army Librarian, introduced a new concept for family-friendly shelving, an alternative to shelving by Dewey, which they are calling 'Intergenerational shelving' -

    Check out the discussion in the responses ... :-)


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