Thursday, January 22, 2015

WESTERN Book Discussion - Question # 2

Now let's expand the discussion by exploring the character of Lucinda ...

  • Lucinda's moral spectrum has many shades of grey. Dr. Tom sums her up with a question: "What makes you think a woman with any decency left would cleave to an evil man like McGill?" Is his assessment of Lucinda fair? Did you find yourself sympathizing with Lucinda or judging her? To what extent should we forgive her capacity for cold self-interest and even brutality?

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  1. To what extent does Lucinda fit the mold of the classic 19th century female protagonist, and in what ways does she break it?

  2. I don't think Lucinda knows what decency is. She has been treated unfairly by almost everyone she meets. McGill is the only one who "understands" her (in Lucinda's mind) and Lucinda is willing to do almost anything to get back to him. But McGill was using her just like the others all along. I understood Lucinda. I didn't outright sympathize because women didn't have much choice but she was without feeling in most of her choices. I find it hard to forgive her but ultimately she made the correct choice.


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