Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015 Reading Challenge?

Many set goals with the start of a new year - lose weight, live a more healthy life, manage their time better, and so on. By now, half way through January, those goals are most likely set so I wondered what reading goals may have been established as individual challenges for 2015.

Some will challenge themselves to increase their reading, setting a goal for a number of books to be read each month or for the year. Why even Mark Zuckerberg of facebook has set himself a reading goal for this year: to read a book every other week

Others wish to expand their reading into other areas by, for example, reading more titles in a specific genre, reading more nonfiction, or listening to recorded books. 

My personal goal this year is to read 50 books, on average 4 a month. In addition I want to make, at least, half of those audiobooks. Have been increasing my audiobook listening in 2014 and decided a challenge for 2015 was the way to get me to increase it again.

So tell me what your reading goal is for 2015? Can hardly wait to see your challenges in the Comments!

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  1. A related reading goal for 2015 is to post 3-4 entries per month on the SCCCLD Book Challenge:


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