Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Do you anticipate a particular "Best of..." book list every year? Or do you enjoy looking at any and all such lists?

The "Best of ..." lists usually come out near the end of the year and it has become common practice for them to be posted online. They are posted on the website of whichever the newspaper, journal, organization, company, publisher, or [insert name here] that produces the list.

Some lists are re-tweeted, re-posted on related news sites, or blogged about by interested parties. It can be a problem keeping track of the "Best of ... " book lists those who find such lists of interest. Well there is a site which can help with that!

A music blog called  largehearted boy has posted an alphabetical list of every online "best of [year]" which they can find very year for the last seven years! What a great way to look for a link to your favorite "Best of 2014" book list.

Check out their most recent update to the Online "Best of 2014" Book Lists.

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