Friday, November 14, 2014

Bring the Author to St. Charles, MIssouri!!!

Posted for all SCCCLD staff - Thanks to Sara N. and Beth P. 

Susanna Kearsley will go on tour in April to promote her new book A Desperate Fortune. Her publishers are holding a contest to determine which cities she will visit.

A few people have sent this to us through social media, and a few staff members have emailed it to Adult Programming. It sounds like a fun opportunity for us, and there definitely seems to be interest to have this author visit. Why not give it a shot? But we need your help as a staff to make this happen. 

The contest will work in two stages. First people have to nominate their hometown. The 15 towns with the most nominations will be released on Dec. 16. From there people can vote on their hometown, and the 8 towns with the most votes will be announce Feb. 18

To nominate you have to fill out this form: In the store or library name please put: St. Charles City-County Library District. And in the city spot put St. Charles. This way we can keep everything consistent and have more of a chance to make it to the next round. 

It would be great if you can put in a nomination, or two. (you can submit a nomination multiple times) If you can also forward it on to friends, and/or post it on your social media accounts, that would be awesome! 

There is also a chance to win a grand prize if our town is chosen. The prize is a one of a kind piece of jewelry related to her latest book. Anyone who submits a nomination will be entered in to win the grand prize if she comes to our town.

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