Monday, March 10, 2014

A Moveable Feast / Ernest Hemingway / Six Degrees of Reading


A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway – contains stories about his life as a young man in Paris in the 1920’s.

The movie, Midnight in Paris, is a fantasy about the main character’s dreams of living in Paris in the 1920’s. In this movie, the main character meets Scott Fitzgerald.

Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby, a novel about the wealthy Jay Gatsby and his love for the beautiful Daisy Buchanon, in which there are several descriptions of lavish parties on Long Island.

Fictional characters, Gatsby and Buchanon, appear as neighbors to the main characters in Christopher Bohjalian’s The Double Bind which also takes place in Long Island.

A recipe for a drink named Long Island Tea is in the nonfiction book, See, Mix, Drink by Brian Murphy along with many other recipes for alcoholic beverages including those containing whiskey.

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain is written from Ernest Hemingway’s first wife’s point of view and references Mr. Hemingway’s habit of consuming large amounts of whiskey. The book takes place during the 1920’s in Paris.

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