Wednesday, November 13, 2013


It's time to begin the online book discussion for our Literary Fiction title. The benchmark for this genre is The Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson, the 2013 Pulitzer Prize Winner.

I will be posting a question each day from now, Wednesday, November 13 through Tuesday, November 19. The full list of discussion questions for this title will be compiled and posted under the Book Discussions tab on Wednesday, November 20.

So here's the first question:

How much did you know about North Korea before reading The Orphan Master's Son? How has it changed your perspective on life there?

Please enter your responses in the COMMENTS box so everyone can follow the discussion.

NOTE: All discussion questions for The Orphan Master's Son come from the "Readers' Guide' in the back of the Random House Trade Paperback edition (pages 455-456).

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  1. I didn't know much beyond what the news has given us. I did know the country was not a great place to live, the people often didn't have much to eat and the cult of personality was and still is rampant. Did this book open my eyes? More than before but then again do we have a reliable narrator? We see events through his events and his perceptions.


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