Thursday, September 19, 2013

HORROR Book Discussion - Question # 2

Let's try something directed at the genre we are reading ...

In The Readers' Advisory Guide to Genre Fiction (2nd ed, ALA Editions, 2009; p 113), Joyce Saricks says "The atmosphere in Horror novels must, the fans tell us, evoke an emotional response: a chill, a sense of menace, a feeling of supernatural terror. This special atmosphere or setting pervades the novel (or in our case, short stories), and it is what the readers are expecting and looking for when they ask us for Horror fiction." 

How do the stories in 20th Century Ghosts meet this expectation?

Please enter your responses in the COMMENTS box so everyone can follow the discussion.

Scroll down to see my earlier post with the 1st discussion question for 20th Century Ghosts.


  1. How 'do' Joe Hill's stories appeal to the emotions of the reader?

  2. Which story generated the most emotional response from you? Why did you have such a reaction?

  3. Lucy, I haven't read past the first chapter, because the "Button Boy" story completely grossed me out. I don’t like images of things happening to people’s eyeballs, so of course a pin going through some poor kids eyes set off a trigger in me. So, I hope to find time this weekend to get back to the book so I can participate in this forum, but so far I have only been able to half-heartily pick it up and try.


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